Always Put Your Best Face Forward When It Comes Portrait Photos

First impression is always the last impression in the corporate world. When you meet new clients, your personality, your behavior and how you present yourselves to them gives them a brief insight on your professional background. The same goes for portrait photos.

Selfies are a Big No

Leave the selfies for your personal life. When it comes to a professional portrait, you need to hire professional photographers for the job. Bear in mind that your photo will be the means on how your clients, peers and customers will connect with you. If you upload a selfie portrait, people might not take you seriously.

If you are about to begin your career journey then you definitely need a portrait photo. You can check for photographers in your neighborhood that specialize in business portraits photography and discuss your specifications with them.

When it comes to business portraits, it is always better to be consistent. If you are using a photo for your business, ensure that you use the same on your company website and social media where you might be promoting your business.

Attaching photos to professional emails are becoming a trend. This is a great idea especially if you have to deal with a lot of customers. This helps the customers to build a rapport with you and giving a face to a name that they are always in contact with.

Dos and Don’ts for Business Portrait Shots

If you are planning to do a business portrait shot, then there are a few things that you might want to take into consideration:

  • Ensure that you are dressed for the occasion
  • Avoid wear casual clothes for your portrait shots
  • Go in for subtle colors for the background for the photos
  • Be relaxed and do not forget to smile
  • Decide on the type of portrait you need. A simple headshot or creative versions
  • If you plan on a group photo, ensure that the consistency is maintained

Business portrait shots require a lot of time and effort, if you plan on doing it yourself. If the quality of the image is not good, imagine the number of retakes that you might need to do. A better alternative to this is to hire professionals for the job. They will have the latest equipment that can take good quality photos for all the right angles.


Professional portraits can improve the chance of you landing a new job, especially if you are beginning your career. Visual images speak louder than words, making it easier for people to remember your face.

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