Benefits of having an open-air photo booth

The closed photo booths are the traditional old school ones, invented by AnatolJosepho. He named it the Photomaton, and there were three photo booths in Broadway in 1925. That is history; from then on, photobooths changed. Now, there are closed photo booths with curtains as well as open-air photo booths. No matter the type, everyone loves to have a photo booth at their event. Many companies offer open-air photo booth in Melbourne, but Boothalicious offers you the perfect booth for any occasion.

Closed photo booths are great when you have a good background, but open-air photo booths are on the rise now. Here are some benefits of open-air photo booths.

It is great for a summer wedding

Closed photo booths are great in winters. It is cozy and warm inside the booth, and guests can click pictures in a pretty background. But in summers, closed booths can feel stuffy and congested. That’s why open booths are the best option to go with in summers. If its a wedding then there are more guests. An open booth is helpful because it can take fantastic group photos.

You quickly get the photos

In an open-air booth, you can quickly get the photos. Your guests will be happy when they instantly get a photo they clicked. Moreover, social media integration, let’s them have the images immediately on their phone. The guests can share their lovely pictures on social media in no time. Boothalicious offers you the facility of an open-air booth with a booth assistant, who operates the booth excellently and guides your guests.

Customize your photos

Having an open-air booth can let your guests customize their photos. They can style their photo strips and take cute pictures in crazy costumes and take them home as souvenirs. They can also use various available filters. Your guests will have the most fantastic time at your event and leave with a feeling of gratitude.


Offers more space 

Rather than standing in a closed booth, guests prefer standing in the open and posing. It will let the guests take perpendicular as well as horizontal pictures. Everyone will fit into the frame, as there won’t be any specific frame to fit into. There are no size limitations, which provides more flexibility to pose than in an ordered booth. You can try many amusing poses, so can your guests.

Blends in with your decor

No matter the occasion, whether it’s a wedding or a birthday, an open-air booth will go along with your decor. It does not stick out like a sore thumb but intrigues the guests. Everyone will be excited to try out the booth. It adds an extra oomph to your event, making it the talk of the town. Moreover, bringing down an open photo booth is hassle-free. You won’t have to go into a lot of trouble in taking it down.

Open-air booths suit well at summer weddings and product launches. It keeps the guests engaged and serves the purpose. Getting an open-air booth at your event will make sure your event is a huge success.

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